Body Language – it’s time to change what we are saying about women in sport

Sportette has recently released its new online campaign, “Strong is the New Pretty”. The aim of the campaign is to showcase female athletes “with the theme that strength is beauty”, in order to provide “healthy, strong, fit” role models for young girls. The first (and so far only) role model is Matildas star Tameka Butt, and the website shows six images of Butt in various poses – most with a soccer ball. She is wearing just a crop top and shorts, so that her well defined abdominal muscles are evident. Although Sportette’s aim is to reframe the view of women in sport, through this campaign it nonetheless maintains the focus on the body and, indeed, what is ‘pretty’ (whether it’s strength or otherwise). The bigger issue, that we are still focusing on what women look like, rather than what they do, seems to have been lost. Continue reading


Fast Facts – National Sports Teams

You might just be getting to know a little bit more about women’s sport, or you might be a mad keen sports fan already. But how many national (women’s) sporting teams can you name? Do you know who the captain of Australia is in the cricket? Basketball? Rugby League? Over the coming weeks this blog will be profiling some of our national sporting competitions. However, to start with, let’s get to know some of our stars in the international arena. These are our elite sportswomen and their names, and their teams, are an excellent place to start if you are interested in learning more about women in sport.

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