‘Amazonian Rules’ – a history of women playing Aussie Rules

Last month we saw the very first live broadcast of a women’s AFL game. This generated a great deal of interest which, apart from a few notable exceptions (such as the contribution from Graham Cornes) has been generally positive.

But how long have women been playing AFL? And what is the history of the game? Whilst female participation in footy has been growing steadily, there has actually been interest for some time – in fact, the game in August this year could represent a hundred years of women playing AFL. Continue reading


Super Falcons and Women’s Football in Nigeria

The Nigerian Super Falcons have had a mixed Women’s World Cup so far. They came into the tournament after dominating the African Women’s Championship, winning every match that they played. The Women’s World Cup has been a different story as they are as yet unable to secure a win. Although their first game against Sweden was a thriller, it ended in a 3-3 tie. In their second game, the Super Falcons could not hold off a buoyant Australian outfit, going down to the Matildas 2-0.

The Super Falcons are a strong team, and their final group match against the USA on Wednesday will be a huge game. According to Nigerian Coach Edwin Okon, “we must get back to the form we had against Sweden.” If they do, they are in with a chance against the formidable USA.

Women’s football in Nigeria has had a chequered history. Like in the rest of the world, including Australia, the role of women in sport generally and football more specifically has been debated, and at times the appropriateness of football for women players soundly rejected. Continue reading

Fast Facts – National Sports Teams

You might just be getting to know a little bit more about women’s sport, or you might be a mad keen sports fan already. But how many national (women’s) sporting teams can you name? Do you know who the captain of Australia is in the cricket? Basketball? Rugby League? Over the coming weeks this blog will be profiling some of our national sporting competitions. However, to start with, let’s get to know some of our stars in the international arena. These are our elite sportswomen and their names, and their teams, are an excellent place to start if you are interested in learning more about women in sport.

  Continue reading

Not just cricket – other World Cups to watch in 2015

For many sports there is no greater test, or pinnacle of success, than at the World Cup. These events are special; they only come around once every four years and give the opportunity to compete against the best in the world. Winning a World Cup is every elite athlete’s dream, and one that is shared by an adoring Australian public. With all the spectacle around the men’s cricket at the moment, let’s not forget that there is still plenty more World Cup action to come in 2015. Continue reading

Not cracking under the strain – women’s football in Australia

The Matildas have taken out fifth place in the 2015 Cyprus Cup after a comprehensive 6-2 victory over the Czech Republic. The tournament has been an excellent warm up for the women’s World Cup which will be held in Canada later this year.

Whilst the Matildas are making great strides internationally, and football is becoming increasingly popular for women at home, it has been a long journey to get to this point. The history of women’s football in Australia is one of difficulty, and determination. Continue reading